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About us:

Fidelis Ltd. Co. is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the State of Arkansas, an SBA Veteran Owned Certified Small Business, and a registered GSA Federal Contractor.

We are a professional consulting + services provider on a variety of modern geospatial (mapping) and business technologies. Our primary mission is to provide clients with the absolute utmost in professionalism along with the very latest in trend and design. 

The word Fidelis is Latin for "faithful". and thus is the foundation of Fidelis Ltd. Co., to provide the absolute most faithful level of service possible to our clients.  

Our Founding Partners:

Chad Hicks | A US Marine Corps Veteran and career geospatial professional. Chad's vast geospatial expertise includes a plethora of high precision survey grade GNSS devices and GIS data collection integration solutions. As well land mobile and unmanned aerial systems imagery and LiDAR data acquisition. Chad is also an accomplished web design and social media marketing professional with a considerable published portfolio. 

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Ashley Hicks | A money management and IRS Registered Tax Professional, Ashley's expertise spans the administration and operation of today's fast passed business environment.  Ashley is also an accomplished event planning professional. Having organized and hosted hundreds of social, fund raising, and public events. Ashley provides Fidelis Ltd. Co. with the utmost in administration and management expertise.

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USMC Veteran
Ashley & Chad
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